"In layman's terms" nghĩa là gì?

Đây nhìn thế này có thấy nó vẹo không? Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator

'In layman's terms' có từ 'layman' là người thường, người không có chuyên môn, 'term' là thuật ngữ -> những thuật ngữ, từ ngữ mà những người không thuộc chuyên môn đó cũng có thể hiểu được, nghĩa là không sử dụng các từ chuyên ngành hay mang tính kĩ thuật cao.

Ví dụ
Electricity tripping (báo động, cái ngắt điện), or power fluctuations in layman’s terms, has equally affected the household consumers, industries and other businesses.

“In layman’s terms, for every R100 we spend on healthcare technologies, R90 goes overseas,” Sivarasu explains. “If a portion of this can be retained within the country through sustainable, local health technology innovations, we not only create jobs, but can also contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Does Boris Johnson have a Plan B after all? The Telegraph's Gordon Rayner reports that the Prime Minister is contemplating (suy tính) a regulatory border in the Irish Sea after his warmer words on the need to maintain Northern Ireland and Ireland's shared sanitary (vệ sinh) and phytosanitary measures (i.e., shared rules for safe food and farming, in layman's terms).

Poniewozik is a witty (dí hỏm), acrobatic guide through recent decades of TV, tracing the cultural forces that led to Trumpism, touching on everything from Dire Straits' Money for Nothing ("like a concert opening act for Trumpism"), to the glitz (vẻ hào nhoáng giả tạo) of the Reagan years, to Archie Bunker ("Trump's sitcom John the Baptist") and the rise of the TV antihero ("in literary terms a protagonist (người tán thành) without conventional noble attributes; in layman's terms an a--hole you find interesting.").

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