"In no uncertain terms" nghĩa là gì?

Nhìn sợ thấy mồ mà dám ngồi đó hả? Photo by Lukas Hartmann from Pexels

'In no uncertain terms' = rõ ràng, mạnh mẽ, quả quyết.

Ví dụ
Watch the video she posted in which she firmly distances herself from the claim and then admonishes (cảnh báo, nhắc nhở) the anonymous writer in no uncertain terms. However, it is clear from the post that the writer has since been identified but they are not revealing his/her identity as yet.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson are one of the most successful radio duos in Australian history, and over the years many have claimed to have had a hand in their success. However, Kyle has now declared in no uncertain terms that former Austereo program director Jeff Allis is truly the man behind their partnership.

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (“SIAM”) had earlier expressed their opinion for a reduction in GST rates in no uncertain terms. This opinion had been agreed collectively by members of the automobile manufacturers (sản xuất ô tô). At present, automobiles attract GST of 28% with an additional cess (mức thuế) ranging from 1% to 22%.

Former teammate Chauncey Billups has been the lone voice of dissent (bất đồng) amid all this, saying in no uncertain terms that Melo’s Achilles’ heel has always been the way he prioritizes scoring above all else. It’s that perception (am hiểu, nhận thức) that continues to follow him and makes teams wary of bringing him aboard. Whether that will hold true in the coming weeks remains to be seen.

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