"In round numbers" nghĩa là gì?

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'In round numbers/figures' = tính theo số tròn, xấp xỉ.

Ví dụ
The study shows reaching a goal expressed in round numbers results in higher levels of customer satisfaction (hài lòng). That was particularly true when the final goal was still distant. Hitting intermediate targets expressed as round numbers increased customers' feeling of progress at low levels of achievement.

Doubtless, as we approach the 20th anniversary there will be renewed efforts at memorializing (tưởng nhớ, kỉ niệm) 9/11 — Americans like their dates in round numbers. But, where does that leave us today, with the knowledge that 2,605 U.S. citizens and 372 non-U.S. citizens (excluding the 19 perpetrators (thủ phạm)) died in the attacks that ushered  (báo hiệu, mở ra) in so much that shapes the way we safeguard our lives and nation now?

What we saw in the global data could not be true seasonality (chuỗi thời gian). In previous studies with smaller sample sizes, the fluctuations (biến động) by month of birth were less smooth and could be due to real fluctuations in harvests and the disease environment. This global sawtooth (răng cưa) pattern was surely the result of measurement error, but could not be explained by any of the known problems in survey data such as heaping, in which people report age in round numbers or record births around memorable dates, or discontinuity caused by switching between measuring infants’ length lying down to measuring older children’s height when they’re standing up.

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