"Your number comes up" nghĩa là gì?

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'One's number comes up'= con số của ai xuất hiện/được chọn -> một người được chọn (làm gì) ngẫu nhiên hoặc tình cờ, không biết trước là vận may hay xui.

Ví dụ
It’s a simple matter of mathematics (toán học) and the key to it is the zero – one on European tables, two if you’re in the United States. When your number comes up, you’re paid out at odds (tỉ lệ cá cược) of 35-1. But the actual odds are 36-1 – or 37-1 in the USA, where there is a double zero.

Man, I just want to get this film [Ad Astra] out! Every year, I see amazing talent getting acknowledged and amazing talent not getting acknowledged. And my feeling is, when your number comes up, it’s great fun, and when someone else’s number comes up, it’s usually a friend, so it’s great fun still. How was that for a dodge?

Starting with insurance, many have been trained to seek the lowest price. Low cost is good provided the underlying coverage (bao phủ) adequately covers your risks. For example, most states (although not all!) require some bare minimum amount of auto insurance to register a car. These underlying limits are quite low, and may not sufficiently cover you in the event of a loss involving injuries, many people or vehicles. It may feel good when you get the quote (định giá), but it may feel awful if your number comes up in a bad situation.

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