Journey in Life: Khoảnh khắc đầy rung cảm trong ngày cưới

Friday, October 4, 2019

Khoảnh khắc đầy rung cảm trong ngày cưới

cô dâu bị chim cánh cụt phụt c.. đầy váy cưới...

...The bride hands her bouquet to the bridal party – who joined the couple for the meet and greet – so she can stroke (vuốt ve) the penguin.

But after reaching out to touch the animal, the penguin does the unthinkable and lifts its tail, squirting (phun ra, vọt ra) poop all over her wedding dress.

The bride screams and there are gasps from her friends as the handler frantically (điên cuồng, điên rồ) tries to stop the stream with their hands.


  1. The bride was lucky she didn't get married at Elephant World.

  2. I think the penguin is a fashion critic, and a bird of few words.