Journey in Life: "Heaven forbid" nghĩa là gì?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

"Heaven forbid" nghĩa là gì?

"Heaven forbid" = Lạy trời, đừng để điều không mong muốn xảy ra, lạy trời...đừng để chuyện đó xảy ra!

Ví dụ
"Not that I wish to convey (chuyền, truyền đạt) the impression that I regard photography purely as a business. Heaven forbid. But artists, like other men, must live, and, in order that they may do so, it is essential for them to have both feet firmly on the ground.

Prioritizing goofy (ngu ngốc) faces with my best friend over the Washington Monument wasn’t easy, but back then, sometimes the best choice wasn’t always the easiest one to make. Heaven forbid someone snatch (chộp, giật lấy) your camera and waste a photo.

And heaven forbid a plane piloted by a woman careen (lật nghiêng, chạy loạn xạ) into a fatal crackup (suy sụp không tránh được). A male pilot lost to a crash lived on as a tragic hero, whereas a woman who met the same fate simply died a tragedy (bi kịch). Sheinkin has no qualms (mối lo ngại, day dứt) about calling these behaviors and attitudes exactly what they were: “patronizing (ra vẻ bề trên, kẻ cả) and stupid.”

Bin Kuan

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