Journey in Life: "Lone voice in the wilderness" nghĩa là gì?

Friday, November 8, 2019

"Lone voice in the wilderness" nghĩa là gì?

Nói mà không ai nghe thật ức chế mà. Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels 

"(Lone) voice in the wilderness" hoặc "voice crying in the wilderness" = tiếng nói cô độc nơi hoang dã -> nói không ai nghe, không ai tin.

Ví dụ 
EURUSD up and then down a few ticks on his comments. This is because, rightly or wrongly, Holzmann is a lonely voice crying in the wilderness...

"And though we might just be a lone voice in the wilderness at the moment, I hope others will join us and that we can become a chorus of voices that will be heard in the halls of Congress (Quốc hội) and at the White House," Nash said.

In a high-pitched voice (giọng cao the thé) that cracked frequently as he spoke, Sean Kratz told two Bucks County detectives (thám tử) that his cousin Cosmo DiNardo was the lone gunman in the murders of four young men on a Solebury farm two summers ago.

Thu Phương

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