"Young blood" nghĩa là gì?

Đam mê tuổi trẻ. Photo by  Smart

"Young blood" = Nhiệt huyết tuổi trẻ -> Người trẻ tuổi và nhiệt huyết; một người mới đến một nơi khác hoặc người mới trải nghiệm hoàn cảnh hay tình huống nào đó.

Ví dụ
But, in his restless (liều lĩnh, bốc đồng) rush for young blood, will his England be always remembered as a promising side whose time never arrived? Jam tomorrow, never today.

So, enjoy the story of Dracula suffering a mid-life crisis (khủng hoảng tuổi trung niên) by hitting the gym and the Starbucks in his convertible (có thể hoán cải được) Vette looking for young blood.

There’s often a wave of young talent (làn sóng tài năng trẻ) that manages to make its way through to Formula One and as I said, I think Formula One’s got a lot of new young blood with a lot of potential and they really are the future of the sport. And as I said, I think fortunately I feel that whilst the number shows a little bit higher, I feel like I’m able to still kick it with these guys and so I’m excited for the future racing with these guys and as I’ve said, if we can get these teams to be closer then we’re going to see more awesome battles like today and I think that would be great.

Bin Kuan

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