"Give bad marks to" nghĩa là gì?

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"Give bad marks to (someone or something)" = Chấm điểm thấp -> Đánh giá, nhận xét ai/cái gì một cách tiêu cực hoặc không hài lòng.

Ví dụ
On oil and gas, the head of government said: “In this case the presidents will give bad marks to our work and will certainly find a way out.”.

“This is about students who could potentially access this hate movement that’s circling around you and use it against you,” she says. “This is about being afraid to give bad marks to students because they might go to their favorite YouTuber with a little bit of personal information about you that could be used to dox you.” Every word you say can be taken out of context, twisted, and used against you.

Critics decry (chê bai) the emphasis on sports in high school and college, as if athletes (vận động viên) get an undeserved free ride. Yet luck and happenstance (tình huống được coi là ngẫu nhiên) intrude (xâm phạm, không mời mà đến) the education system in myriad (vô số) ways: Teachers give bad marks to prove a point, art classes are axed for lack of funds, students write great essays but test poorly. High school is a crucible (nồi nung, cuộc thử thách gắt gao) in which some melt away, and emerging whole may have little to do with inherent talent (tài năng vốn có).

Bin Kuan

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