"Give me some sugar" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Joel Overbeck

"Give (one) some sugar" = Cho ai sự ngọt ngào -> Cho ai một nụ hôn.

Ví dụ
She was doing well, a little chilly so when we got to the hospital they had to warm her up a little and give her some sugar,” said Ringkamp.

Some of the popular movie references audience members can hear during the show will include "Groovy!" "Give me some sugar baby" and "Say hello to my boomstick (thanh chắn)!"

Give him some sugar, baby, because Ash has returned after a 22-year-haitus from fighting deadites. And we’ve got your first groovy image of Bruce Campbell back as Ash right here.

The single has an edgy rock and roll sound and rhythm to it, the tambourine (trống lục lạc) heard throughout the beginning of the track song gives it a perfect blend of movement. The song feels like you’re going on a ride, as it builds up with the drums in the background. As the drumming rhythm rises and rises, incorporated with the constant claps and chorus repeating “give me some sugar”.

Bin Kuan

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