"Take the long count" nghĩa là gì?

Thôi xong, xác định rồi đó. Photo by  Brusk Dede

"Take the (long) count" = Thất bại, thua cuộc hoặc bị loại khỏi một cuộc thi đấu (nhất là trong môn boxing) hoặc chết.

Ví dụ
So greatly he ran around the edge of the ring, grimacing (nhăn mặt), before dropping to the canvas on his knees to buy some time and take the count.

On being knocked down in the final round, he added: "I could have still slugged it out but I thought 'don't be silly (ngớ ngẩn), you're ahead here, get on your knees, show some experience and take the count' and that's what I did."

Szello was in trouble in the 6th round as Merhy picked up the pace. He voluntarily chose to take the count, but ultimately survived the round. After being knocked to the floor in the 7th round, the referee (trọng tài) finally chose to stop the fight after a second count in the round.

Bin Kuan

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