Journey in Life: 01/22/19

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

"Within arm's reach" nghĩa là gì?

có em trong vòng tay... Photo by on Unsplash.

'Within arm's reach' nghĩa là (khoảng cách) gần có thể chạm được (cả nghĩa đen, nghĩa bóng); (điều gì) dễ đạt được.

Ví dụ
$0.06 dividends are within arm’s reach for Amalgamated Bank (NASDAQ:AMAL) shareholders.

When you need to swap weapons, you no longer have to drop your rifle (súng trường) to your side and reach down to your belt (thắt lưng) or thigh (đùi) for your pistol (súng lục)... because it’s sitting right in front of your face within arm’s reach, with the muzzle (giảm thanh) pointed forward.

For those enduring V-Day without a loved one within arm’s reach, there’s Replika, a chatbot that aims to capture the feeling of conversing with a familiar someone by drawing on old transcripts and writing samples. Replika learns your tone and personality over time and regularly checks in, stores memories, and detects distress — all toward the goals of combating loneliness, isolation, and disconnection and promoting positive thinking, stress management, and socializing.

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