"Come out on top" nghĩa là gì?

Oh yeah, I'm the winner. Photo by  Pietro Rampazzo

"Come out on top" -> nghĩa là kết thúc với vị trí đứng đầu, chiến thắng.

Ví dụ
“My scores were really consistent all through qualifying and matchplay and luckily that was enough to come out on top,” said Pearce.

Our judges’ final verdict (quyết định, nhận định) on the Palisade lauded “premium materials, a pleasant driving experience and a smoking value to boot,” and noted that “if our Palisade had cost $10,000 more, it might still have come out on top.”

Last night, the Hurricanes could have easily lost that game. The Kings had opportunities all night, but the Hurricanes defense and goaltending came to play. They did what they needed to win the game. This game was eerily (kỳ lạ) like the first time the Hurricanes and Kings played where the Hurricanes needed a dominant goaltending performance to come out on top.

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