"Come to attention" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Natasha Brazil

"Come to (one's) attention" -> nghĩa là làm cho ai để ý/chú ý tới; làm cho ai biết hết hoặc phát hiện ra.

Ví dụ
In terms of an emergency fund for providers, she said “we’ll consider everything” although she said it has not yet been discussed as the issue had only come to her attention in the last number of days.

I write to you today to raise concerns regarding the safety of Americans as they travel abroad and the steps that the Department takes to inform travelers of security concerns when they are far from home. It has come to my attention that some employees in foreign airports have resorted to a “bullet-in-luggage” scheme, which has led to the arrest and detention (sự bắt giữ, giam cầm) of travelers in both the Philippines and Thailand.

In the past few months you may or may not have heard about a new Toyota Supra; got one or two people very excited, so it did. It might also have come to your attention that a new Supra has increased awareness and appreciation of old Supras, most specifically the A80 (the Fast & Furious one) and also the A70, the pop-up headlamp (đèn pha) car that preceded it. Where once a manual, UK A80 could be bought for a lot less than £20k and the A70 was Shed money, both now command much higher price tags.

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