"Come to ears" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Alex Blăjan

"Come to (one's) ears" = đến tai mình -> nghĩa là nghe được chuyện gì và biết hết mọi chuyện nào đó.

Ví dụ
I wouldn't say anyone has said anything personal to me. I've had little rumors come to my ears about other people being upset that other contestants didn't win. That's something that will happen no matter what, and I've found that we're all still very close. Everybody who was competing and everybody who was in the competition—I love them all.

The peculiarity (sự khác thường, nét đặc trưng) of this piece is that the style and the spirit of the two first movements composed in Paris and the two last movements composed in the U.S. differ completely. Stravinsky wrote that this schism (phân ly, ly giáo) was especially marked in domain of the rhythm, and that some passages of the finale - perfect movie music for a Hollywood traffic scene - would not have come to his ears in Europe."

Until the end, had made all believe that it could be used with the presidency (nhiệm kỳ tổng thống); that he would win the election, never. My God, even in his closest circle, they thought it was a joke. Who chooses a bag of wind? The Journalist Michael Wolff was allowed to romp about (nô đùa) at the time, in the environment, and heard: “Trump gave his wife his solemn word: An election victory was simply impossible.” Well, shit happens. During the election campaign they had holed up, more or less, but of course, you had come to your ears, that journalists took their modeling career under the magnifying glass (kính phóng đại), your U.S.

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