Journey in Life: Tình yêu ấm áp

Friday, February 14, 2020

Tình yêu ấm áp

ấm nóng, ướt át :)

cãi nhau -> đái ra giường bạn gái...

...The victim (nạn nhân) said she was laying in bed (nằm trên giường) with Jolin when she asked him to move over (dịch ra một chút). She said when Jolin didn’t move, she told him it was her bed and he doesn’t own it. The victim said at that point, Jolin urinated in the bed while she was still in it.

The victim said she asked Jolin to leave and he became very aggressive, punching (đấm) the bedroom TV and cracking (làm nứt) the screen. She said Jolin then shoved her in the chest, leaving a visible mark that was observed and photographed by the officer,

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  1. Yet another reason why I hate houseguests.

  2. He didn't remember doing that?

    Time for that memory course, dude.