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Thursday, February 27, 2020

"Cut the apron strings" nghĩa là gì?

"Cut the apron strings" = Cắt dây tạp dề -> Không lệ thuộc vào ai (bố mẹ), sống độc lập, tự độc lập.

Ví dụ
Better yet, why not cut the apron strings to its American UFCW parent completely and become a real independent Canadian union like Unifor?

In chimp society females leave the nest, while males stay with their parents. But some chimp females seem less willing to cut the apron strings. New findings suggest that while the risks of inbreeding push some females to leave home and start their families elsewhere, the perks of having a powerful mom on hand can make it worthwhile for other females to stay.

So by all means, run along and play outside — but I’ll be staying in, reading brilliant books, surrounding myself with entertaining people and pursuing indoor games of varying wholesomeness (tính chất bổ ích, tính chất lành mạnh). You can cleave to Mother Nature all you like, but thank goodness I cut the apron strings decades ago. Because I’m wild enough to understand that this obsession with the wild is little more than the hysterical (quá kích động, cuồng loạn) reaction of misanthropes (kẻ ghét người) who would willingly wipe out everything that makes our modern world the wonder that it is.

Ka Tina

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