Chồng đâu?

mà để vợ đẻ rơi con ở quầy bán giấy vệ sinh ở walmart...
Amid the empty shelves (kệ hàng trống rỗng) and store closures, a Springfield Walmart had its own commotion (sự rung chuyển, sự chấn động, sự rung động; choáng) going Wednesday afternoon.

A baby was born in the toilet paper aisle of the Walmart at Sunshine and West Bypass.

One Walmart customer (khách hàng) didn't have a chance (không có cơ hội) to get any of those groceries (hoa quả, rau củ quả) she came for, but she left with something much more special.

...Hinkle said the woman warned store associates that her last child came in just 30 minutes. When the woman's water broke in the toilet paper aisle, she was prepared to go into labor (đau đẻ) right then and there.

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