"Next in line" nghĩa là gì?

Ai sẽ là người tiếp theo được đội? Photo by Christopher Alonzo from Pexels

"Next in line" nghĩa là người tiếp theo xếp hàng (mua đồ) hoặc người kế vị tiếp theo.

Ví dụ
Greg Abbott continues steadily revealing steps of his team's plan to slowly reopen Texas, hair salons could be next in line.

Some of Europe's elite strikers have worn the iconic number 9 shirt for Blaugrana over the years but who will be the next in line?

PRINCESS ANNE carries out her royal role with dedication (cống hiến) and flair (tài tình) but despite her obvious gift for public life, she is not next in line to the throne (ngôi vị). This is why Princess Anne is low down in the line of succession (kế thừa).

The report was dismissed (bác bỏ) by South Korea's presidential palace, which said it had received no information that suggested the 36-year-old was seriously ill (bệnh nặng). However, as speculation (suy đoán) continues to mount over the health of Kim Jong-un, attention is turning to who is next in line to take over in the event of his death.

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