Thời gian nghỉ vĩ đại: Hollywood và Coronavirus

Amazon có thể mua chuỗi rạp chiếu phim AMC (sở hữu bởi tập đoàn tq wanda, do tác động của coronavirus, thị giá giờ chỉ còn 500 triệu usd, với món nợ 5 tỷ usd),

và (nếu) mua được, là nhờ bật đèn xanh của Makan Delrahim cục trưởng cục chống độc quyền (dưới quyền trump) gỡ bỏ "sắc lệnh paramount" (ra đời năm 1948, phân chia cơ bản ngành phim, công ty sản xuất phim ko được mua hoặc sở hữu chuỗi rạp chiếu/phân phối phim), với lý do giờ là công nghệ mới streaming, các tay chơi mới như netflix, khiến việc sở hữu như vậy ko ảnh hưởng nhiều nữa...

giáo sư Matt Stoller nói amazon cứ bình tĩnh, đừng rush, tình hình dịch bệnh như này, thời gian đứng về phía người mua...
The Paramount decrees basically impose a structural separation in the film exhibition business, making it hard for movie studios to buy or control theater chains or distribution. As I’ve written, prior to these decrees, Hollywood was structured in what was known as the Studio System, in which a small number of vertically integrated studio chiefs essentially decided what artists could make and what Americans could watch, through either direct ownership of theaters or the use of must-have blockbuster content to control theaters. The decrees broke apart this system, and created an open market for film, leading to a creative explosion and more freedom for artists, most notably the “New Hollywood” of the 1960s.

The stated reason Delrahim is ending this decree is that he thinks technology makes it irrelevant. Online streaming introduces a new competitive channel, so who cares if studios can buy theaters? Rescinding (hủy bỏ, bãi bỏ, thủ tiêu) the Paramount decrees opened the door to speculation Amazon, or perhaps Disney, would be buying a movie chain. Before the pandemic, independent theaters protested the attempt to rescind the decree, writing in a brief that “if the Paramount decrees continue to be respected, the entry of behemoths like Amazon into the exhibition business would more likely be on terms that deterred Amazon from abusing its market power either to favor its own cinemas with its content or to punish fairly competing exhibitors.”

This is not to say the existing setup, even before the pandemic, was a healthy open market. It wasn’t. Since the 1990s, there has been a massive roll-up of the movie exhibition business into a few poorly managed and highly indebted movie chains, one of them being AMC. The AMC theater experience was bad, with overpriced food, inflexible scheduling, and a bland corporatized feel. Movies have increasingly needed to launch on thousands of screens at once, leading to the dominance of Marvel movies.

AMC Theaters itself is loaded up with $5 billion debt and owned by public shareholders, the Chinese conglomerate the Wanda Group and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners.

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