"Get real" nghĩa là gì?

      Là cô gái hay mộng mơ. Photo by Alphacolor

"Get real" -> nghĩa là nhận ra sự thật và chấp nhận thực tế hoặc được dùng như một câu cảm thán “Get real!” (hãy thực tế đi!).

Ví dụ
So let’s get real and figure out a way to put on the games. It can be in home parks as the new plan suggests, or some form of spring training (the older plan).

Hang in there. Don’t beat yourself up, and know that these are very challenging times. So do the best you can. But I also want to say, let’s get real. We’re not having high quality learning across the country in ways that we should. We didn’t before, and this is likely subpar (dưới mức chuẩn; thấp hơn giá trị thực tế) overall. So parents should just understand that’s probably true and not beat themselves up and appreciate their teachers and their school leaders who do this every day.

At first it was hard to make sense of it all myself, in order to give the best possible picture for my children — to give them the chance to see what this looks like, and where to from here. I decided to get real and show them the live announcements. The conversations humbled me, even to the point we cried for the people who passed away (qua đời) and the saddening thought they couldn't have a big funeral (đám tang) like my dad's, their papa's. Their whanau couldn't go in line to get a kiss and a hongi from all the nannies, family and friends in front of the marae.

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