“Get square with” nghĩa là gì?

Ở đời thì chuyện tiền bạc nên sòng phẳng với nhau. Photo by  rupixen.com

“Get square with (one)” = sòng phẳng với -> nghĩa là dàn xếp được mối bất hòa, sự bất đồng hoặc nợ nần với ai.

Ví dụ
Broncos young gun Xavier Coates will be looking to get square with his teammates after he was targeted in a hilarious pre-season prank (trò tinh quái, trò chơi khăm).

If he could get the Texas General Land Office to pay out his claim for housing recovery assistance, he could get square with his creditors (chủ nợ), Bachelder said. But after what he said were hundreds of visits with land office employees, he’s still working to prove his case, he said.

Hundreds of people spent hours in line at courthouses (tòa án) across Palm Beach County Saturday for the once-a-year chance to restore their licenses at a discount. His sights set on a better-paying job, Stan Chery spent Saturday morning in line outside the county courthouse in downtown West Palm Beach. His goal: To get square with the state and earn back his suspended driver’s license (bằng lái xe).

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