“Get the measure of" nghĩa là gì?

Gai góc như xương rồng. Photo by  Charles Deluvio

“Get the measure of (someone or something)” = đo lường chính xác -> nghĩa là hiểu rõ hoặc biết chính xác về ai/cái gì.

Ví dụ
“On the main roads they are quite detailed scanner surveys, and on the side roads it is more of a visual inspection (điều tra thấy rõ). “That allows us to see which are in the worst condition. That helps us get the measure of what we need to do and when."

Luckily for Rosberg, he was able to get the measure of Michael Schumacher during his tenure (đương nhiệm, nhiệm kỳ) alongside the F1 legend. Interestingly, Rosberg had no idea that Michael would be his teammate at Mercedes in 2010. He was under the impression that either Jenson Button or Nick Heidfeld would partner him.

Statistics (thống kê) can be appealing (làm mủi lòng, cảm động) or appalling (làm kinh hoàng, sợ hãi), depending on how they are presented. The purpose of each statistic differs from another and the choice, of which to use when, is driven by the nature of assessment (sự ước định, đánh giá) we wish to make. If performance of hospitals is being compared, CFR matters. If the overall state of the epidemic (dịch) is being assessed, deaths per million is the statistic that tells us whether a state is in a safer zone than another. It is important that all of us -- policymakers, media and the public -- understand these measures and their distinctions (nét đặc thù, điểm đặc biệt) so that we can soon get the measure of Covid-19.

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