"Beyond the number" nghĩa là gì?

Một con số khổng lồ. Photo by Tobias Rehbein from Pexels

"Beyond the number" = vượt quá số lượng -> nghĩa là quá nhiều, không đếm xuể.

Ví dụ
Beyond numbers and place, there were other confirmations (xác nhận) of the meeting's significance. It was an event which signaled (báo hiệu) the move of black politics in Latin America into the halls of power.

Social media, it is feared, will only worsen this panic disorder (chứng rối loạn hoảng sợ) through its misinformation diarrhoea (ỉa chảy). Even mainstream media is unable to look beyond the numbers and opinions to prepare the community for the social dysfunction (rối loạn chức năng xã hội) ahead.

In this chapter, we go beyond number to examine other domains (lĩnh vực) of school mathematics in grades pre-K to 8. Because a great deal of the curriculum (chương trình giảng dạy) dealing with number leads naturally to algebra (đại số) and because whether and how to teach algebra to all children is a hotly debated (tranh luận sôi nổi) topic in many schools, we devote the bulk (phần lớn) of the chapter to issues of beginning algebra.

Thu Phương

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