"Come to life" nghĩa là gì?

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“Come to life” = trở lại với cuộc sống -> nghĩa là được tiếp thêm năng lượng, được sống lại sau một thời gian dài không hoạt động hoặc bị hôn mê.

Ví dụ
To Cassie, renewal comes not only by letting springs pour into pools and long-dormant seeds come to life. It also comes through the love that goes into the burials (chôn cất). “I do think the burials help heal the land,” she says.

She says advisors need to validate (phê chuẩn, thông qua) their clients’ emotions and be human, too, perhaps by acknowledging they’re also feeling the pain when markets fall. “You have to lead with your heart first before the data make sense or come to life for a client,” Ms. Wright-Schwietz says. Advisors know behavioural science is working when a client becomes more knowledgeable about their relationship with money, she says.

Becoming an academy (học viện) has enabled the curriculum (chương trình giảng dạy) to "come to life" and spaces to be transformed at Manchester's St Hilda's C of E Primary School. Now more than six months since officially becoming part of Vantage Academy Trust, the Trafford school's principal Carla McCoy has reflected on the positive changes that have quickly been taking shape to enhance (đẩy mạnh, nâng cao) learning and the school's environment.

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