“End your life” nghĩa là gì?

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“End your life” = kết thúc cuộc đời/kết liễu mạng sống -> nghĩa là tự tử hoặc dành những ngày tháng cuối đời ở tại nơi nào/theo cách nào đó.

Ví dụ
“This is something that could end your life.” That's the message they're trying to get across at the Charles Drew Health Center in North Omaha.

“Especially when you look at it in the sense of one, being innocent (vô tội), and two, relying on these people to protect us and serve us which is their job, they’re essentially civil servants (công vụ). And so when you kind of look at it like that, that the person who’s meant to be protecting you and keeping you safe could be the person that’s potentially going to end your life, or now I have a child, end your child’s life or end your brother’s life, as a black person that is a very harsh reality to face,” he added.

I agree that dealing with them should not end your life, but some people take that gamble (cuộc đánh bạc, mạo hiểm) and things get out of hand. Don’t blame it entirely on the cop (cảnh sát). Regarding the journalists and elected officials who were roughed up during their picketing (nhóm cảnh sát làm nhiệm vụ, đứng gác), whether black or white, the point is that the cop said to do or not do something that they wanted to argue about and they ended up getting maced (bị đánh bằng gậy) because they did not obey the cop. Cops always win; remember that.

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