“Fail at life” nghĩa là gì?

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“Fail at life” = cuộc đời thất bại -> câu tiếng lóng này nghĩa là khi bạn thất bại ở việc gì thì nó được ví như thất bại cả cuộc đời (so sánh kiểu phóng đại nó lên).

Ví dụ
Your kid isn't going to fail at life because they sat in front of Netflix for a day. And we all wear PJs while homeschooling. It's fineeee.

“You cannot fail at life. Brains are built to learn our whole life,” she said. “I was really surprised at the high percent, that 80 percent of them are struggling. Millennials (chỉ những người sinh ra từ khoảng năm 1980 đến những năm đầu thập niên 2000) do a good job of being confident in the work place, but there is some disconnect primarily from social media relationships rather than face to face.”

“No matter how many times you fail at life you gotta pick yourself up and keep marching forward. So I just want everyone to be motivated by what I was able to do. And that’s what I hope to do with the rest of my career, no matter how many times I win or lose or how many titles I win, at the end of the day it’s never give up. No matter what you’re going through in life. It’s a hard world, it’s not a fair world, and it’s a crazy world that we live in, you just gotta keep a goal, keep driven, and keep your desire to be the best.”

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