Journey in Life: "With time to spare" nghĩa là gì?

Monday, June 29, 2020

"With time to spare" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tim Trad

"With time to spare" = còn dư thời gian -> nghĩa là không vượt quá thời gian đã định, sớm hơn so với yêu cầu.
Ví dụ
Special shout out to Jim McKenna, who improves as moderator every meeting. No one believed he could pull off the feat of getting through 40-ish articles in his predicted 120 minutes, but he did so with time to spare. Very impressive.

“The changes our brokers need to implement are subtle and are really around expanding on steps that brokers already do. We’ll continue to support our brokers every step of the way to ensure they understand and can implement any necessary changes easily.” Connective plans to put the finishing touches on its compliance policies and procedures as soon as possible, to ensure the changes are implemented for its broker network with time to spare.

It was well past midnight when I arrived back in the newsroom, to the clicking and clattering of typewriters. The keys did not press down easily, and were in dire need of a little WD40. This could be a little stressful with the editor waiting for your proofread (đọc rà soát) copy. But it didn’t faze (làm bối rối, làm phiền) me. Typing at a deliberate pace with accurate statistics, good notes and great quotes, I always turned in my article with time to spare.

Ka Tina

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