"Be cooked to a turn" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tikkho Maciel

"Be cooked to a turn" = chỉ với một lượt nấu -> nghĩa là món được nấu/làm đúng với thời gian cần thiết hoặc như mong đợi.

Ví dụ
For her entree (món chính), my dining partner opted for the shrimp scampi (tôm sốt bơ tỏi) ($11.99), large boiled shrimp scattered over a bed of linguine noodles and dressed in a garlic-laden Alfredo sauce, and sided with a garden salad. The linguine was properly al dente, the Alfredo sauce creamy, cheesy and redolent (thơm nồng) of garlic and the shrimp expertly cooked to a turn and enjoyed on every forkful.

It was a good steer. The fish was flaky (có dạng vảy), the batter thin and crispy and there was plenty of it. So much so that the labrador under the table got to the stage that even he was full. A word for the chips too. Clearly hand-cut, all of differing shapes and sizes and cooked to a turn. Another hit. We were offered puddings and I have to confess on another occasion, I may have been tempted by the cherry pie... but we were both completely stuffed.

Let’s be clear, Trump is cooked to a turn and the question is; how many GOPer Senators will be eaten, digested and flushed this fall. Biden shut Bernie down with the announcement that he will choose a woman VP and although Bernie earned his place in history, he is yesterday’s news. And let’s not be coy (bẽn lẽn, xấu hổ), shall we? Biden will bring out black vote, Kamala will get Obamaesque numbers. Amy will make a fine AG, no? Or would you prefer the vice versa (ngược lại)? Maybe Stacey? One more thing; make no mistake, Beto is the white Obama. His “He’ll Yes” was a game changer. The game is Texas Hold em and Beto holds the Texas card, just like he held the Harris county card in ’18. Never bet against a guy named Beto.

Ka Tina

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