"Be cooking with gas" nghĩa là gì?

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"Be cooking with gas" = đang nấu ăn bằng bếp gas -> nghĩa là làm việc gì rất tốt, rất thành công.

Ví dụ
Add another relief arm and free-agent catcher and defensive specialist Russell Martin to the mix and these Metsies will be cooking with gas.

Now you are cooking with gas. John • 3 months ago. 4th needs to be Albert Okwuegbunam if he's there and either Hunt or Durant for IOL depth.

It is a little tougher for Real Madrid in the second round of fixtures, as they host a Valencia side pushing for a European spot. That said, they were in poor form before the shutdown and despite a likely win over rivals (đối thủ) Levante in their first game back, getting anything from Madrid might be a tough ask. Barcelona, meanwhile, will be cooking with gas and a home game against another bottom-three side in Leganes should easily result in plenty of goals and another three points safely on the board.

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