"Straighten up and fly right" nghĩa là gì?

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"Straighten up and fly right" = thẳng lên và bay ngay -> nghĩa là cải thiện lại bản thân, điểu chỉnh hành vi và thái độ để trở nên tốt hơn hoặc để trưởng thành.

Ví dụ
I wonder what our local leaders in government are currently doing to remove officers who don’t deserve to continue serving — the “Derek Chauvins waiting to happen,” who have never truly been held accountable, who still think that they are above the law. “Well, we woulda/coulda/shoulda done something but we wanted to give him one more chance to straighten up and fly right.”

“As you read and reflect, I hope you will be inspired to share God’s insight and guidance! We know we are afflicted with an incurable destructive malady (tệ nạn, chứng bệnh)! God’s intercession (sự can thiệp giúp, nói giùm) and a spiritual experience are our salvation (sự cứu rỗi linh hồn)! I believe this through and through! My fervent (tha thiết, sôi sục) hope is that once you embrace his mercy, forgiveness, and grace, you will straighten up and fly right also! These are sober thoughts, for you to mull over, from your alcoholic brother, sober Bob!”

When I was young, my mother often said I was cantankerous (khó tính, hay gắt gỏng). She also said that “I had better straighten up and fly right or she would give me medicine I won’t soon forget.” (The discipline of wayward (ương ngạnh, bướng bỉnh) children breeds mixed metaphors (phép ẩn dụ).) I understood cantankerousness in terms of what I had done or left undone. Later on, I understood my cantankerous ways in terms of ill-tempered civil disobedience and willful unacceptance of the status quo, especially when the status quo does not even merit the judgement of “pretty good” most of the time. In all of this, I leaned that I had better be a bit better than pretty good myself, if I was going to be an ill-tempered critic of the pretty bad folks. (I’m probably losing my readers here and I don’t blame them at all.)

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