“Pour with rain” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Anna King

“Pour with rain” -> nghĩa là mưa như trút nước.

Ví dụ
Unfortunately this bout of good weather will be extremely short lived as it's going to pour with rain the next day on February 2.

Plan for the weather. We live in the UK; we don’t have a climate, we have weather. Even in the summer, it can pour with rain for days on end (mấy ngày liên tục). What are your options? Buying waterproof clothes is one option. Decent waterproof clothes make running in the rain much easier. Be thorough – waterproof socks make running through puddles a possibility knowing that your feet will not get wet.

"There’s going to be disasters (thảm họa, thiên tai); people having to pull out, it’s going to pour with rain, but that’s what we’re going to create. We don’t want it to be easy or boring, I want it to go down in history. The only way you do that is by creating an environment of total madness. My old man said, 'Are you mad, you don’t need extra risk on top of what we got', but I said if we do what everyone else does, that’s boring.

Ka Tina

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