"Reap the harvest" nghĩa là gì?

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"Reap the harvest" = thu hoạch mùa màng -> nghĩa là hưởng lợi hoặc chịu đựng kết quả của những hành động đã làm từ trước.

Ví dụ
We are seeing this mistrust (ngờ vực) in expertise, in authority, in government play out during the outbreak of Covid-19 and are about to reap the harvest that years of seeding mistrust and ignorance has wrought.

May blessings be upon you and yours as you find your way in the world. Plant the seeds of hope for tomorrow, today ... and then reap the harvest in a positive (tích cực) and wonderful fashion. See that you only have this minute, today and realize the pregnant possibility in that!

Therefore, the time is right for IGB to establish (thành lập) a commercial REIT and reap the harvest in the UK, says a senior property analyst with a local bank-backed investment bank. “The UK situation is so uncertain. Looking at the broader market, I think it makes sense for IGB to take back its money and see what to do next,” she says.

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