"Meat and two veg" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

"Meat and two veg" = thịt và hai đĩa rau -> nghĩa là bữa ăn truyền thống, có món thịt và hai món rau, nghĩa khác là bộ phận sinh dục nam.

Ví dụ
I would never have described (miêu tả) myself as a real “foodie” – much more of a “meat and two veg” sort of man. In fact, I had never heard of some of the ingredients (nguyên liệu) and spices that I now use to cook.

Rob, 34, said: “I saw it on an X-ray - he’s got a really massive k**b.” The tennis ace made the error after posting the X-ray of his hip surgery in January 2019 - sending fans wild. But he’s not the only celebrity (người nổi tiếng) who’s been a little bit too open (cởi mở) about the size of their meat and two veg.

Like every other video game ever made that has sold more than four copies, Sniper Elite is being turned into a board game and sold on Kickstarter. And If you pay a little extra for the “Deluxe Upgrade Kit”, you get a plastic miniature (thu nhỏ) of Adolf Hitler getting a bullet in the ol’ meat and two veg.

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