"Say in plain English" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jonah Pettrich

"Say (something) in plain/simple English" -> nghĩa là nói rõ ràng, rành mạch, dùng từ thông dụng, đơn giản, dễ hiểu.

Ví dụ
OK, I will say it in plain English. This from a statement issued Thursday: “The presence of Confederate flags has been banned from all NASCAR events, races and properties effective immediately.”

Which brings us to the two most prominent crises facing the nation and world as we near the end of 2020: the economic downturn of the coronavirus pandemic and climate change. The opportunity — in simple English — comes in resolving the latter in how we address the former.

“I could be doing a reading, trying to explain a card and I’ve got spirits shouting in my ear trying to get me to say what they want the person to know. “I did a reading for a lady the other day and two ex-husbands and one relative were all trying to get messages across. I don’t self-censor (tự kiểm duyệt). If I get a clear message I say it in plain English.”

He said it pained him to raise these questions. "God knows, I wish I weren't here having to say this," Sullivan said. "No one wants to be here saying this. I don't want to believe the president of the United States is just delusional (hoang tưởng) or cannot accept reality. Of course not. It pains me. It gives me great pain and concern and distress. But at some point, being a writer or a journalist requires one to simply say what one is seeing in front of one's eyes. And sometimes you have to say that in plain English."

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