Journey in Life: Thích thì chiến

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Thích thì chiến

tq đánh thuế, và tôm hùm mỹ xuất khẩu vào tq giảm 65% so với mức đỉnh năm 2018, eu cũng học vở này luôn đánh thuế 8% tôm hùm mỹ, trong khi nhập từ canada miễn thuế :)
As a recent dataset sent to me from Bryan Riley of the National Taxpayers Union shows, this trade fight caused a 65 percent drop in American lobster sales to China from its 2018 peak. And according to the Financial Times, the E.U. took a page from the Chinese playbook and imposed an 8 percent duty on American live lobsters while letting Canadian lobsters in duty-free. Now the president is apoplectic (đỏ mặt; dễ tức giận; dễ cáu) at the situation and has crowned Navarro, who pushed him into this trade war in the first place, the Lobster King (vua tôm hùm).

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