"Angle of attack" nghĩa là gì?

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"Angle of attack" = góc tấn công -> nghĩa là tư thế chiếc máy bay khi bay.

Ví dụ
Paragliders (dù lượn), along with their powered cousins paramotors, look somewhat like parachutes but are actually best described as an inflatable (thổi phồng) wing. The wing maintains its shape by being pressurized by air coming through openings in the leading edge. If the pilot doesn’t maintain the correct angle of attack, the wing can depressurize and collapse, with sometimes dire (thảm khốc) results.

To enhance (tăng cường) its superior aerial (trên không) firefighting performance, the Q400AT flight deck is equipped with a Conair developed and Transport Canada certified Flight Envelope Awareness System, which provides the pilots with enhanced safety awareness information, such as instantaneous G-Loading, slow speed awareness and angle of attack detail, along with flap configuration over-speed awareness.

However, regulators have not agreed on every issue. EASA has been arguing that Boeing should introduce a third synthetic (nhân tạo) angle of attack sensor on the MAX for further redundancy (dư thừa) to largely mirror the design set-up of the Airbus A320 family, which has three physical sensors as opposed to the MAX’s two.

Meanwhile, Boeing whistleblower Curtis Ewbank has urged additional (bổ sung) protections, while the British Airlines Pilots Association has called for Boeing to add a third “angle of attack” sensor to the jet. 

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