"Lead sb on a merry chase" nghĩa là gì?

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"Lead one on a merry chase" = dẫn dắt ai vào trò đuổi bắt vui vẻ -> nghĩa là lừa ai khiến họ mất thời gian, lúng túng, khó hiểu.

Ví dụ
“He thinks they will fall for him right away. They, of course, don’t but decide to lead him on a merry chase and make a complete fool out of him,” said Michael McIntyre who plays Falstaff in the production (sản xuất).

Trying again for the key at the end of the hall, he’ll burst through the wall and give you a way back into the room with the locked hatch (cửa hầm). Once again, lead him on a merry chase back into the kitchen and through the room he destroyed so you can get the key.

They bait (nhử mồi) Grodd with Caitlin, allowing the Flash to lead him on a merry chase to the breach, where Cisco will send him to Earth-2 with the speed cannon.

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