Journey in Life: "Make good his escape" nghĩa là gì?

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

"Make good his escape" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tomas Ryant from Pexels

"Make good (one's) escape" nghĩa là xoay xở để thoát một cách bình an vô sự.

Ví dụ
PD Bronn tracks from stolen quad bike (xe địa hình) for over 3 miles across the Yorkshire Moors, before locating the suspect (định vị nghi can), who tried to make good his escape! 

Great work by @FDNY firefighters running down a cowardly (hèn nhát) suspect after he sucker-punched (cú đấm bất ngờ) an elderly woman and then tried to unsuccessfully make good his escape.

Irrespective of (không kể) the passage of time, lest (sợ rằng) we forget the sacrifice (hy sinh) made by our @gmptraffic Roads Policing colleague PC Raja Ahmed, murdered this day, 20 years ago, when a convicted car thief shunted (thay đổi hướng) his police motorcycle into the path of a lorry (xe tải) in order to make good his escape. RIP.

I mean if they run the tags on a hot rental and it comes back as being a car that eludes (trốn tránh) police and it's wanted for anything less than a murder they're gonna let it go again anyway and even if you do all kinds of dirt in a hot car and you flee (chạy trốn) and make good your escape and it's so noted on that tag, but once, they catch you, they're never charging you with prior acts in the car, nothing matters.

Thu Phương

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