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lễ hội 'ném phân bò' ở ấn độ :D
Dozens of exuberant (cởi mở, hồ hởi) villagers scooped up (xúc, múc) handfuls of cow dung (phân bò) to mold (đúc, nặn) and toss (quăng, thả, ném, tung) at each other like snowballs this week for the Gorehabba festival, a local conclusion to India's most important festival (lễ hội), Diwali.

Similar to Spain's "La Tomatina" -- an eccentric tomato-hurling celebration of the local fruit -- residents of Gumatapura village instead fling something more earthy at each other: cow dung.

The festival is unique to a village where locals believe their god -- Beereshwara Swamy -- was born in cow excrement.

Some Hindus believe cows and everything they produce is sacred and purifying. Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pushed for greater protection of the beasts, and many Indian states have long banned (cấm) their slaughter for meat (giết lấy thịt).

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