“By a canvas” nghĩa là gì?

“By a canvas” = bằng một tấm bạt -> nghĩa là với khoảng cách rất sít sao/cực ngắn; chênh lệch nhau rất nhỏ. Cụm từ này có nguồn gốc từ môn đua thuyền vì phần đầu phía trước của một chiếc thuyền đua được phủ bằng một tấm bạt.

Ví dụ
Cambridge stayed on the Surrey side for the second piece of work to the Boat Race finish, and they held a lead before the corner at Barnes Bridge, when Nereus went up by a canvas, and they used the Middlesex bend to their advantage to hold on to win by a quarter-length.

“He’s a millionaire, I’m a pro wrestler (vận động viên đấu vật),” said Dickinson. “This is my opportunity to show the world real pro wrestling. Sunday night, you’ll get a chance to take a real good look at that. “I respect Jon Moxley, don’t get me wrong. I’ve known him before he was in WWE. He’s a good guy. But once the bell rings, I don’t care what title he has. He bleeds and feels pain like any other human. I am going to whoop his ass.” The Bloodsport shows are unique. The traditional wrestling ring is replaced by a canvas, and there are no turnbuckles (đai căng) or ropes. 

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