“In a class by yourself” nghĩa là gì?


“In a class by (oneself)” = duy nhất trong lớp học -> nghĩa là không ai bằng.

Ví dụ
She's the best-known celebrity writer no one's ever heard of – in a class by herself – and her writing shows the modesty in her artistry (nghệ thuật).

Below are some of the most expensive computing and tech products around, many of which we covet (thèm thuồng) nonetheless. And why not? When you need to take out a second mortgage (vật thế chấp) just to afford some toys, you're in a class by yourself. Not one of these products is a gag either. They really exist and someone, somewhere buys them. In some cases, selling just a couple could keep a manufacturer in the black for a while.

It was about showing a little bit of my skills, that I’m in a class by myself. It was my look times whatever situation we were in. So you have me going to dinner; you have me in my car; you have me chilling. We just wanted to bring that out but still look comfortable, so it doesn’t look like I’m doing too much. I’ve got a pair of Saint Laurent jeans that I wear in the video and I have another pair that I made myself. Well, they’re custom, so they’re tailored.

Ka Tina

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