"More often than not" nghĩa là gì?

Các mẹ ngày nay khác rồi. Photo by Three Little Birds

"More often than not" nghĩa là thường xuyên, phần lớn.

Ví dụ
Surprises, more often than not, are welcomed with open arms. Mac users, for instance, who may not have found the exact deals they wanted over the past week or so will rejoice (vui mừng) with this extended Cyber Monday deal.

"Jean is a quiet woman's action hero. That's something that I've never seen before," Brosnahan said. "And it's a really nontraditional (phi truyền thống) look at motherhood. Motherhood is more often than not, not the picture perfect journey we see on Instagram."

More often than not, presidential pets have been dogs and cats. But many less traditional pets have also lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., their quantity and variety depending on each administration, said Matthew Costello, a senior historian (nhà sử học) for the White House Historical Association.

In theory, it can also go the other way, wherein the absence of regulation (không có quy định) allows companies to explore more creative ways to deliver new products and services. However, more often than not, there is a risk that abuse trumps innovation (đổi mới) without regulation especially in the world of fintech (công nghệ tài chính).

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