"You're a fine one to talk" nghĩa là gì?

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"You're a fine one to talk" -> nghĩa là bạn mắc đúng cái lỗi mà bạn vừa chỉ trích người khác; 'người đáng nói là anh đấy'.

Ví dụ
But Linda hit back: “You’re a fine one to talk Shirley. "Have you had a look in the mirror lately? You’re nothing but a washed up old hag (mụ già) who’d be on the streets if it weren’t for the son you couldn’t be bothered to bring up (nuôi nấng).

A Twitter user named Karma Doll commented: “Are you serious. You of all people with the tongue. You’re a fine one to talk Put it back in Shinoda.

Sal jaywalks (đi ẩu). Tom slips a candy bar in his pocket at a 7-11 and leaves without paying. Jim robs a bank. Chris kills someone in cold blood. Sal, Tom, Jim and Chris are all criminals. They all broke the law. So, if jaywalker Sal condemns (chỉ trích) killer Chris for the murder he committed, does it make sense to respond, "Oh yeah? You're a lawbreaker too, Sal. You're a fine one to talk!"

You are a fine one to talk. You are one of Skerrits eternal apologists and you are a proper hypocrite (đạo đức giả)!

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