Trung Quốc tung "đòn hiểm" vào Australia

china cấm nhập khẩu than từ úc...
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Tuesday that a Chinese ban on Australian coal imports would breach World Trade Organization rules, as his government urged Beijing to resume dialog to ease the worsening diplomatic dispute.

More than 50 vessels carrying Australian coal have been stranded off  (mắc kẹt) China after ports were verbally told (lệnh miệng) in October not to offload such shipments. China’s National Development and Reform Commission on Saturday appeared to formalize those curbs after giving power plants approval to import coal without restrictions, except from Australia, under efforts to tame price gains,

...Ties between China and Australia have been fraught since 2018 when Canberra barred Huawei Technologies Co. from building its 5G network on national security grounds, and worsened this year after Morrison’s government called for an international inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus. Beijing accuses Canberra of being a puppet (con rối, bù nhìn) of the U.S. and of meddling in its internal affairs.

China has hit Australian barley and wine with crippling tariffs and told traders to stop buying commodities including copper, sugar, timber and lobster.

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