Thông điệp của ông Tập dành cho Jack Ma

chẳng là gì ngoài một đám mây...
Twenty-one years after his death, Japanese master painter (họa sĩ bậc thầy) Kaii Higashiyama must have turned in his grave (buồn bực) earlier this month when the Chinese government used one of his paintings to send a stern warning to the richest man in the country.

On the evening of Nov. 2, moments after Jack Ma Yun, the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, was summoned by Chinese authorities for questioning, a cryptic column was posted on Xinhua's official WeChat account.

The article -- headlined, "Don't speak thoughtlessly, don't do as you please, people can't act on their free will" ("Đừng phát ngôn thiếu suy nghĩ, đừng làm theo ý mình, mọi người không thể hành động theo ý muốn của bản thân") -- made no mention of Ma. But it was accompanied by a striking blue painting of Higashiyama's that shows a white cloud in the sky shaped like a horse (đám mây trắng hình con ngựa).

Some of the sentences were boldfaced for emphasis. The last one went like this:

"There is a price behind everything. If you don't have capital, don't do whatever you want."

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