Lãnh đủ?

trả đũa Australia, Trung Quốc gánh hậu quả với những thành phố chìm trong bóng tối?

Analysts said prices of the commodity in the country have shot up due to the reported crunch. The reports also follow rising trade tensions (căng thẳng thương mại gia tăng) between Beijing and Canberra, leading some analysts to tie the coal shortages (thiếu than) and blackouts (mất điện) to the unofficial ban on Australian coal.

...Prices of coal in China have shot up as a result of the shortage and research firm Wood Mackenzie predicts they will remain high during the peak winter demand period.

“China’s thermal coal market is in chaos (hỗn loạn), with prices rocketing after daily price index releases were suspended on 3 December,” research firm Wood Mackenzie said.

The report said power rationing (chia khẩu phần) “has already commenced” in Hunan and Zhejiang provinces due to the shortages, and there is “little scope” for increased production from Chinese producers.

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