“Meals rejected by Ethiopians” nghĩa là gì?

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“Meals rejected by Ethiopians” = miếng ăn mà người Ethiopia cũng bỏ, (cố tình) giải nghĩa sai, một cách hài hước từ MRE "meal ready to eat" (thức ăn sẵn, trong quân đội) -> ngụ ý nói đùa về thức ăn dở đến nỗi ngay cả người đang chết đói cũng từ chối ăn.

Ví dụ
There was plenty of humor and companionship (tình bạn bè, đồng đội) to enjoy, as well. One memorable moment came when Dr. Schoenbeck was introduced to military rations called MRE at the field hospital. According to military personnel, MRE was short for 'Meals Rejected by Ethiopians'. "But there was nothing wrong with them, they were actually pretty good," laughed Schoenbeck.

No matter who they’re fighting for, soldiers around the world have something very basic in common: they need to eat. Perhaps unsurprisingly, field rations, known among U.S. soldiers as “Meals, Ready to Eat,” or “MREs,” have a pretty bad reputation (danh tiếng) among the troops (quân đội, lính), who have to rely on the freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed meals while out on patrol (đang tuần tra) or on the battlefield (chiến trường). While no one expects field rations to provide a five-star dining experience, many militaries do what they can to give their soldiers a decent meal, whether it's serving traditional fare or measuring how eating MREs can affect their troops' health.

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