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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Cổ tích Thánh Gióng ở Indonesia

sau khi sinh bé gái nặng 3kg, em gái 25 tuổi người Indonesia nói rằng mình mang thai nhờ một cơn gió sau khi cầu kinh... :D
A 25-year-old Indonesian woman claims her newborn daughter (bé gái mới sinh) was fathered (làm cha) by “wind” (gió). The new mom, identified as Siti Zainah, reportedly said she gave birth to a 6.4 pound baby just an hour after becoming impregnated (làm cho mang thai) by a “gust of wind” (cơn gió) in the West Java province.

...“After afternoon prayer, I was lying face down (nằm sấp), and then suddenly (đột nhiên) I felt a gust of wind enter my vagina (âm đạo),” local media reportedly quoted Zainah saying.

She said that 15 minutes later, she started feeling what were apparently labor pains (cơn đau đẻ) and went to a medical clinic (phòng khám), where a healthy baby was delivered.

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