Người Ấn Độ vẫn mông muội

chú rể bỏ trốn, cô dâu cưới luôn khách dự lễ thành hôn... :D
...the incident (vụ việc) took place (diễn ra) on Monday in the town of Maharajpur, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The couple had just completed their jaimala, or exchange of garlands (vòng hoa), when the groom (chú rể) went missing. At the time, their families were getting ready for the main ceremony (lễ chính).

The bride was apparently distressed by the news. Family members reportedly searched for the groom in a state of frenzy (điên cuồng, mê loạn), but he was nowhere to be found. Eventually, it became clear that the groom had not gone missing under mysterious conditions—rather, he had purposely fled the scene for reasons still unknown.

Finally, one of the groom's guests suggested that the marriage continue, but this time, with a suitable wedding guest as the groom. The bride's family deliberated the pool of potential husbands in the groom's wedding party, called a baraat, and settled on an eligible suitor (người cầu hôn, người theo đuổi). There, at that same venue, the bride married her new groom.

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